Managing Intra-Day Funding

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Now that the PS14/09 changes have been made, some of the challenges involved in providing the necessary transparency, control and governance to ensure on-going compliance with PS14/9 are becoming painfully clear. Among these is the need to manage intra-day funding exposures so as to achieve compliance without breaking the bank.

In alliance with AutoRek, we have delivered both a webinar and a thought leadership paper, exploring the intra-day client money funding requirements of PS14/9, together with the ways in which the AutoRek data management tool set can be applied to support the management of these.

Copies of the thought leadership paper can be requested here:

White Paper Intra-day Funding

Copies of the recorded webinar can be requested here:

Webinar Intra-day Funding

We are happy to discuss this or other CASS issues with you on a confidential, no obligation basis. Please get in touch via enquiries or through our Contact page.


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