Here are a few of the latest press articles in which we have been quoted, with an extract of our comments, in case you don’t subscribe to that publication:

Citywire Wealth Manager Private Office, Sep 2015:

How MiFID II can benefit Private Offices

‘I think that, particularly for wealth managers, MiFID II will be financially painful. It is hard to argue for any benefits that will outweigh this pain,’ she said. ‘However, if it were to do so it would be on the basis that clarity, transparency and a more level playing field will help wealth managers to compete on the qualities that really matter.

‘The FCA has been worried about the risk of distorting consumer outcomes, arising from processes such as rebating of commissions or remuneration practices for sales staff. Wealth managers that have already adopted good practices in the areas of concern should benefit from being ahead of the game here.

‘Transparency of fees and charges, while a controversial area as regards the level of detail demanded, could nevertheless be of benefit to wealth managers whose structures compare favourably, particularly against competitors whose charges have, until now, been less transparent.

‘Advisers have already made it clear that they need access to clearer information in this area – so in this case, the regulatory imperative may translate straight into a competitive advantage.’






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