CASS Training Overview

Do you ever walk out of a training session feeling as though you’ve been put through a sheep dip? One good shake of the coat and most of that imparted wisdom will be scattered away, while you feel pretty much as woolly as before, unchanged bar an extra folder on your desk to prove that you have attended. We talk a great deal about educating the general public in financial matters, but are we any better at educating our own?

So what do we know about training? We know that people have different learning styles, whether visual, aural, logical or verbal. While these learning styles vary according to individuals and circumstances, one thing is key: the need to internalise that learning in such a way that it can be remembered and applied later. Training, therefore, needs to be more than a statement of the requirements with a few humorous pictures thrown in. It needs to demonstrate the application of the rules to real life situations – an area in which firms often complain that the FCA rules – and even guidance – are unhelpful.

We provide trainers who have real experience of managing the business areas affected by the rules. Accepting that this experience may not mirror the realities of the participants, so we also support open discussion and are willing to depart from the script, within reason, when talking though conundrums would be helpful to the participants.

We believe that we offer training courses which cover the following requirements:

• Trainers who try to explain the rules in a straightforward way
• Courses tailored to specific types of firms or attendees
• Application of our real business experience in the areas of interest to the participants
• Opportunities for participants to ask, and get answers, to pertinent questions
• Support for a variety of learning styles, with discussion to consolidate what has been learned

By addressing training needs in this way, we are confident that participants are significantly more likely to emerge better equipped to truly understand and apply the rules to their business activities.

We offer bespoke, in-house and public training sessions. We are also able to offer training which is remotely based, while staff are working from home.

Please contact us for a no-obligation discussion on how we can support your training needs, either through:

• Bespoke in-house  or remotely based courses
• Support to develop and update e-learning materials
• Specific training for Compliance, Internal Audit and Risk professionals
•Training covering specific business activities e.g. margined transactions and CASS or Debt Management Firms
• Attendance at our next publicly available training course in your area.

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