Looking forward to the balmy days of June?

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Well, yes and no, is the answer that many in the client money arena will give. But well before then, there’s a whole lot of work to do and things to worry about, with a view to PS14/09. Will your provider get your changes in on time and to specification? Can you get those terms and conditions agreed and out of the door in good time? And, crucially, what have you missed, while focussing on the major topics?
We’ve reviewed a number of firms’ plans and tend to find there are nasty things lurking in the shadows of the new rules which have been overlooked by many. We recommend taking the time to re-read the paper (yes, all 410 pages) to refresh your knowledge at this stage. The things you have picked up so far may turn out to be the tip of a rather larger iceberg. Naturally, help is available! One option might be to attend a training course to refresh yourself on the details and to compare notes with others. Here’s ours: http://walbrookpartners.co.uk/cass-client-money-regulatory-training/

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